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Started by BluesMan_NY, August 22, 2010, 07:00:29 PM

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I downloaded a topo map of NY (mc73_ny), unzipped, then launched Mapsource(6.16.2).  I see the new map listed in the "Select a Product" box and I select.  I get a large white square in the right pane.  I zoom in and Out and then set detail to High or Highest but nothing but white.  when I choose "Map Tool" I get a grid.  If i click a grid on the big white square, a map name appears like " Gloversville" or "Norwich" in the List of Maps on MAP Tab, and it tells me how large the file is and area in mc73_ny.    The selected square turns Pink.  No lines, roads, lakes rivers...  not a single pixel is anything but white ( or pink).

What's Up???   
(I have a new 60cSX )

BluesMan   ( no Joke !)


I would download a newer version of MapSource.  See if that solves the problem to start with.

Also, how far did you zoom in?
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I had downloaded the latest Mapsource update from Garmin ( 6.16 ) after installing from the CD.

This morning I launched Mapsource and switched product back to Trip and Waypoint Manager V5, which displays fine ( roads and lakes, etc.) then back to mc73_NY.   I now see topo lines and elevation values only, at 7 miles and below zoom factor.  they are faint and look like transparent lines?   I tried to adjust Prefereneces\display but there are no settings for Terrain shading.

I have pasted a screen shot into a doc and attached.  please take a look,


Appears everything is working as it should.

mc73_ny is a contour overlay mapset.  It does NOT have planimetric data (ie. transportaion, hydro, etc).  It's purpose is to add contour lines when displaying a mapset which does not have them; ie Garmin's City Navigator, my regional planimetric mapset(s), or an Open Street Maps (OSM) mapset.    Overlay mapsets usually do not have an overview map to display in MapSource, only the selection quads/tiles/polygons.  When you zoom-in far enough you see the actual data displayed.  I doubt that many can tell where they are by the contours; however being a State mapset you should be able to tell where you are by the State's outline; or the lon-lat coordinates, and/or the standard USGS quadrangle name(s).

How Garmin does terrain shading is not known to mapauthors outside Garmin.

Best to leave everything at normal settings.  As you zoom-in, additional contour details (lines at closer spacing) will display.

MapSource will only allow you to display one mapset at a time.  Select quads from one mapset, then open another mapset and select, repeat as needed, finally send the combined data to the 60csx.  You will need to go through the process again for any changes (additions) as the 60csx only allows data in a single gmapsupp.img file on the unit (memory card).  The 60csx allows you to display or hide mapsets in combinations of your choice; however they do have display priorities so you may have to hide one to see another.


I appreciate your comments and help.  I guess I under-estimated the learning curve here.

I looked at screen shots of the New York Topo map on your site ( February 2009 files) and it looks like it has lakes roads rivers and topo lines.  Is that a better mapset for me to pursue.  I want to navigate trails for hiking in the ADK's.  Then  I plan to use the 60cSXs for snowmobiling and trail maps.

thanks again for your help.


Yes the New York Topo would 'have it all' - roads, water, gnis named points, contour lines.
Not much in the way of trails as little of that information is publically available from one source.


Thanks !!   much appreciated.  great forum ....