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load google earth gps tracks from computer to my gps

Started by wanderer, April 29, 2011, 03:18:40 PM

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i have a street pilot 7200 and  would like to import  google earth tracks to the gps  It can be done on a pc   does anyone know how to do it form a mac?


I have a garmin 7200 street pilot and would like to load some trails form google earth to the   gps unit . I see there is a program for pcs which does this but I can't find one from a mac? anyone know what programs  to use and how to do this?


Basecamp and Roadtrip are Garmin's Mac programs:

Whether they will work with an older unit like the 7200, I don't know. I don't use Google earth, but you may need to convert the file to something that Basecamp understands. GPSBabel can probably do that.


I could be wrong, but I do not think your GPS can have a track uploaded to it.  I know for the handhelds you can trace something in GoogleEarth, convert to a gpx file, and then upload the gpx file to the GPS.  But I do not think this works with any of the car GPSs (but I could be wrong).  If that is the case, the only option would be making a map. 


The Nuvi's don't allow you to import tracks. Not sure about the StreetPilot series. The older StreetPilots could do this, but the 7200 is more "Nuvi-like" than the 2600 series.  ;D