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Gridlined not showing in Garmin 62s

Started by Bud Kerr, April 11, 2011, 04:27:45 PM

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Bud Kerr

I loaded Colorado the gridline map on my 62s.  The grids are not showing.  I have a map called "Worldwide DEM" and the "SW Colorado" maps on my 62s.  If I disable Worldwide Dem all I see is my tracks.  No roads etc.  If I turn off SW Colorado- same thing.  Can someone figure out what I've screwed up?  By  the way the Colorado grid map looks fine in MapSource.


Pardon my sounding a little picky but some of your terminalogy is far enough from standard we could be spending time trying to solve something quite different than the real issue..

What is 'Colorado the gridline map'?  I know what gridlines are and remember a data set USGS released in grid cell format about 20 years ago.  Are you refering to a vector map versus an image format (photo type) map?  If so which one?  There are 12 listed which cover all or most of CO; some by map authors active on the site/forum, others listed as a courtesy for their authors who many never have been active here.  I do not believe any are listed as a gridline map, certainly not in the title.

What is 'SW Colorado'?  There is no mapset with that name list on this site.  Did you not use the correct name, or was the mapset obtained from somewhere else?

'If I disable Worldwide Dem all I see is my tracks' - Is one of the other maps enabled?  A mapset needs to be enabled to see the data in it.  And zoomed in to maybe the 800' display level for an area which was transfered to the GPSr.  Somewhat hard to say without knowing for certain which mapset.

'If I turn off SW Colorado - same thing.'   Same thing what?  Only tracks showing??   That would be correct operation if you do not enable another mapset (i.e. CO gridline) and do not have the built-in Garmin basemap enabled.    This also conflicts with the previous statement of only tracks showing, whereas now you say 'SW CO' is (was) showing.

Do you actually have two maps loaded to the 62?  If you sent one, which MapSource would have named/sent as gmapsupp.img and then sent a second map without renameing the existing gmapsupp.img file already on the 62, the second gmapsupp.img file MapSource sent will overwrite any existing file named gmapsupp.img.  

Do you have a profile active which might be telling the GPSr not to recognize a certain mapset or type of data?  It usually is best to use the recreational profile for topo maps.

There are also some differencies between overlay/transparent mapsets and 'normal' (non-overlay/non-transparent) mapsets.  However, since the mapset names you provided are not those of any mapset listed on this site, it is hard to be specific.   My first guess would be you simply overwrote the first mapset when you sent the second one; however since you provide no information on how you selected nor sent the data from MapSource to the 62, I could be looking the wrong way.

Bud Kerr

Sorry for the confusion.  I loaded Colorado contours40/20ft overlay Map into Mapsource.  I then selected the area (quadrants?) of SW Colorado I had an interest in.  I loaded this into my gps under the name SW Colorado.  Now, in the maps setup page I have this SW Colorado map (file?) along with one called Worldwide DEM.  I can choose to enable or disable one or both.  I expected the contours on the SW Colorado would show up on the gps (62s).  This is not happening.  Whether I have one or both of these disabled the current track shows.  With both disabled the screen is blank save for the current track. No roads, contour lines or anything. Blank
Perhaps I need to start over loading maps.  I thought I had followed the tutorial closlel but is seems I have not.
In the setup page I do not see a "Garmin Basemap."
My goal was to have a map that shows roads, trails and maybe even contour lines.  Am I wrong in believing an overlay or transparent map would do just that - overlay an existing map with additional information?


On my OR300, under 'Map Information Select Map' the built-in basemap is listed as 'WW DEM Basemap NR'.  It is a very generalized world map showing oceans, countries, states, Interstate, US and some State highways and some major lakes and rivers.  It's useful when zooming out, paning to a 'distant' location and then zooming in to a more detailed mapset at that location.

It also has the elevation data for the shaded relief views.  Covering the world in a small file, it is not very detailed - like shows shows were mountains are versus where they are not.    Under setup/map/advanced map setup\shaded relief, I set mine to 'do not show'.  On the OR300, this changes the background from dark tan to off white and results in the display being imensely easier to see.  Your may or may not agree.

My Colorado contours40/20ft overlay is an overlay mapset with just contour lines (no transportation, hycro, POIs, etc).  A CI of 40ft in the mountains (West & central) and 20ft on the Eastern plains.  As with most overlay mapsets, you will not see anything in MapSource until you are zoomed in to the actual data - no overview map.  The purpose of the mapset is to display contour lines with mapsets which do not include contours, i.e. Garmin's City Navigator, my regional planimetric (non-contour) maps, Ibycus USA.  The contour lines will display with the WW DEM basemap when zoomed in to 2mi or more; additional CI detail at 0.5 mi and the full contour detail at 500 ft - on the OR300 with detail set to normal.  May differ by a zoom display level or two on other GPSr and certain will be different if the GPSr is set to 'more' or less' detail. 

The overlay contour / WW DEM basemap combo works (I am looking at it on my OR300); however given the vast difference in scale of the two mapsets, I would not consider it too useful.
If you want a one mapset contour map of SW Colorado, I would suggest you use my Colorado Topo 71/2 CIs; or IdyJpr's Colorado Topo.

The most common reasons for a mapset not showing are:
1. The area was actually not selected and/or not actually transfered to the GPSr.  Were the quads you selected listed in the lower left window in MapSource?
2.  Did not pan to the actual area transfered.  The display needs to be centered within the area transfered.  Areas outside of what was transfered will usually be shown with a light blue crossed diagonal pattern (no data).
3.  Need to be zoomed in enough for the data to display.  Usually about the 3mi display zoom level; but could vary by 1, 2 or more levels (especially more detailed) depending on the GPSr model, mapset design/purpose, and if the GPSr is not set to normal detail.

A track is a seperate 'data' type.  It has nothing to do with a mapset(s).  As you have observed, it can show even if no mapset is enabled.

Correct, the purpose of an overlay mapset is to display types of data not included in a non-overlay mapset(s).  There are design considerations, and not all overlay mapsets will work as well with any specific non-overlay map.  As I mentioned above, I am currently looking at my OR300 with only the WW DEM basemap and CO contour overlay mapsets enabled; the display correct.

Check that the Setup/Profile Change (a few 'pans' to the right) is using the recreational profile.
If you still have issues; try setup\reset\restore defaults to factory settings.  Save you tracks and waypoint to off the GPSr as a reset clears these memory locations.  It is fairly common for users (especially with a new GPSr) to try various settings and leave some changes which in combination causes 'unnatural' behavior. 

Bud Kerr

Wow!  Thats a lot of good info.  I am printing it out and will be digging deeper.  Thank you so much for your time in such a concise answer.