Wisconsin trails and topo simultaneous display on computer

Started by rondi, April 10, 2011, 05:53:19 PM

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Nebie to this forum, but I frequent WikiOregon and Garmin Basecamp forums.  It doesn't look like I'm stealing this thread since the OP got helped, and this is kinda the same subject--which might help him too--I hope.

I have had the Wisconsin Topo map installed, and i just installed My Trails--High Quality Trail & POI.   I'm using MapSource, but i have the same problem with BaseCamp.  The same thing happens with or without my Oregon 450 connected.

I center my City Nav, or the WI Topo map at Eau Claire (which has the Chippewa River Trail) I can not see any roads or other features when i select to My Trails.  I see (on 7 mile zoom) 4 trails in the area.

The My Trails page says "These are transparent trails and points maps. They are meant to show things City Navigator does not have.  These maps will show on top of whatever map you have loaded on your GPS."

What am i doing wrong???  I have not copied My Trails to my Oregon 450 (which I know how to do), so perhaps that is my problem--but i want to see what they look like in MS or BC first.  MAYBE I must copy the portions I want to my O450, and then I will see the Overlays---I hope it's that simple :)

1 other question, When i zoom out to 10 mi, the My Trails trails disappear.  Is there any way to keep them displayed out further--say to 20 or more so I can "discover" trails I know nothing about?  I have my MS & BC resolution set to Highest.

TIA, Ron


Unfortunately you cannot display more than one map at a time using either Mapsource or Basecamp. So you can't combine the trail and  topo map on your computer; that can only be done on the GPS itself.


With the detail set to 'Highest' in MS/BC, that is as far zoomed-out as they will display.


Thanks for the replies.  

I kinda thought that--I knew from previous attempts to display 1 maps on BC that I could not do it.  I thought maybe My Trails could do it tho.  

There is no way I'm going to use my tiny O450 screen to try and find trails in WI & MN for a cycling vacation on 10mi resolution!!!  Summer would be over before i found them.  What is the limiting factor--My Trails or BC?

Is there any way I can connect my O450 to the puter and use MS or BC to "discover" trails with my CN in the "background?

Note: I found--In BC, if I Import one of my Tracks (a gpx file) with it's Waypoints, switch to My Trails, my Track and the Waypoints are also displayed.

any suggestions are welcome,
tia, Ron


Tracks and waypoints are different than vector data (polygons, lines and points) in a mapset.  Garmin's software and GPSrs handle the data differently.  Garmin's computer software (MS/BC) will only display one mapset at a time; with or without tracks and/or waypoints.  Since Garmin does not sell mapsets made to be viewed with each other, they have not included that capability in their software.  Suggest it to them, as others have; however, I doubt there is much chance they would change their software to accomadate third party mapsets.