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Downloading Maps to my GPSr

Started by JRSMAPS, March 29, 2011, 05:09:05 PM

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Hi - I'm totally new to GPS usage & at best a novice computer user. I have recently purchased a new "Oregon 450" and am trying to install some GPSFileDepot maps on a 4gb microcard installed in that unit. I am using a iMac computer & have downloaded "Basecamp"& "MapInstall" from thr Garmin site. I have successfully downloaded WA Topo & NW Trails to the GPSr internal drive and AZ Topo to the microcard. When trying to add SW Trails to this card via "MapInstall" I receive the following "Alert" message - "The mapset is approx. 0.4MB but only 3382.9MB ia available in the destination. Please select fewer maps and try again." This message makes no sense to me. Any help as to the sorce of my problem will be greatly appreciated!