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Loading SD card maps onto PC.

Started by andytsmith, December 27, 2010, 04:38:10 AM

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Can anyone tell me how to load the maps onto Map Source. I have purchased the maps on a micro SD card. They have loaded into my garmin but not the pc. I would like to plan my routes on the pc rather than the garmin. >:(


BaseCamp is the only way to use a map already loaded onto a SD card. I'm guessing that this is a Garmin purchased Map? By the way, the map is not "loaded" into the GPS unless the Micro SD card is acutally in the GPS. But it will show up in BaseCamp when your GPS is hooked up to the computer.
Be very carefull you do not overwrite that card. You will lose (and Garmin will not replace) your expensive map.


You should be able to place the card into a USB reader and connect it to your computer, then use Basecamp to access it. What model GPS do you have? Until very recently Garmin used s-l-o-w USB 1.0 interfaces and these will not work well with this kind of map when connected to your computer. If you have one of these, then the external USB card reader (or internal slot if you computer has one) will be much faster.

As Alpine said, you cannot do this with Mapsource. Download Basecamp here:


I had the same questin as andytsmith and, following instructions above, managed to view my SD card-based map (City Navigator) in Basecamp. However, I cannot start a new route or make a new waypoint - I see the options under File/New but they are greyed out.

Any idea why?


Not sure why you're having the problem, but you may find some help in Garmin's support forum: