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Help with install....

Started by BangStick, March 17, 2011, 07:07:49 PM

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I'm trying to get SE Topo and Florida Topo into Mapsource and I'm having issues. 

When I install either, the maps are listed in the top left corner of Mapsource.

The problem is only part of the map comes up or sometimes nothing will show
when I switch to it.   Also happens when I click View and Switch product.  If I try
to zoom in or move it in any way Mapsource will crash completely.

I'm running Win 7 64bit
Mapsource 6.15.11
Garmin 60csx

Thanks for any help.


ctrl g TWICE will refresh the map cache and redraw the map.  It does not sound likely that this is the problem.  But it could be.  If the map is not drawing right, this will usually fix it.  But your crash sounds like it is something more.


For starters, the current version of Mapsource is 6.16.3. I would upgrade to that, since this might be a problem that has been fixed. I know that Win 7 64 bit has had some issues with Mapsource, so it's worth a try.

Also, visit Garmin's Mapsource support forum. The software developers are active there and help people solve problems like this:

Unfortunately, if this problem is specific to a GPSFileDepot map you may not get much help from Garmin, since their focus is on their own maps. But it's still worth a try because there are many knowledgeable people who contribute to Garmin's forums.


Ah, thought I had the latest version of Mapsource.

The upgrade fixed it.