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Shape Files for Alabama WMA's

Started by woodstramp, March 09, 2011, 03:09:31 AM

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The lady emailed me today.  She said Fish and Game OK'd the release of the WMA and Forever Wild shape files.   

JBensmen, I sent you an email if you're interested.


I have made a map for NY and OH.  I'm in contact with the AL GIS person.  Will update Eastern Land Ownership (MAC and Windows) as soon as I get the data from AL.


Thanks.  Ms. Peters emailed me back and said she was in touch with you.  I didn't hear back from the Tidwell fellow yet.


She said she will get me teh data sometime this week.  She has additional landownership files too.  She also has trails for the wild areas which I will add to my trails. 


Sounds good. Thanks for the update.


Just wanted to publicly thank Jim Bensman. 

He just added this Alabama WMA stuff to his surface management map.  Downloaded it last night and shot a map to my 60csx.  His map laid over the SEtopo looks great.   I was wondering how it would look where National Forest (greened areas on the SETopo).  He used a lighter shade of green and it looks great where the two meet and overlap.   Wasn't expecting the data that fast either. Hat's off to you Jim.


(figured I just use this thread to ask a new quesiton instead of making a new thread...seeing how it's related.)

I noticed that JBensman has aquired more information this week and updated his Trails and Land Ownership maps again. (BTW, Jim, thanks again.)  I downloaded his Land Ownership map last week when he updated it.  Now, this week, it's got even more info and I want this week's updated map in Mapsource now.

Do I have to delete last week's version, or will this week's version overwrite or replace the older version automatically when I run the install exe?


Installers detect and uninstall older versions.  It will ask you if you want to remove the old version.  Just say yes.



I've never seen a paper (or any kind of) map of the Forever Wild lands here.  Can't wait to give it a look.  Will also check out your Trails one too. 

Also, if I can accumulate a bundle of on the ground corrections I will send them to you and Ashley in the future.   


I was able to check out the new maps.  They look great.  Both bundles.


Will you put these into a google earth file?