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Started by jbensman, March 02, 2011, 10:30:48 AM

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Anyone understand how Find works?  Most of the POIs on my maps can be searched for with Find/Whereto.  However, the Restrooms and Drinking water on my maps cannot be found with find/whereto.  Even "all POIs" will not access them.  It would be nice to be able to search for water or a bathroom.  Anyone understand what the problem is.  The vast majority of the POIs on my maps (My Trails and My POIs) can be searched. 


I haven't actually tested this but from what I've read the following may be the problem.  In GPSMapEdit the "Points" in codes 0x3100 thru 0x6300 are not searchable.  If I am looking at the correct codes that I suspect you used for the Restroom and Drinking Water both of these codes fall in that non-searchable category.  

As an alternative, that should be searchable you might want to consider using code 0x2200-0x221F for Exit (Restroom) or code 0x2F0C for Rest Area; with both of these codes I believe you will still get the man/woman symbol.

For the Drinking Water you could use code 0x6414-21043 that is for a Well, I believe you will still get the same looking symbol - hydrant dripping - on GPS; but in Mapsource I believe it will be a glass under faucet.

If this does solve the issue with searching for these I'd be interested in knowing that it solved the problem.  


Thanks.  Wells worked.  They show up in geographic points (manmade)

The exit restroom did not.  It did did not show up in any search.  Worse yet, for name it had ExitBATHROOM (the label was Bathroom)


I've been looking at this more and you are right none of the POIs in that range show up in Where To.  It also appears there are other ones that will not show up either.  Additionally, some will only show under all POIs.

I changed a couple of POIs to differnt POIs and that worked.  I'm thinking for others the solution is using the typ file to change the appearance of a POI.  But I need to experiment to see which POIs will show up and under what catergories.  When you get a chance, can you make a bathroom, boat ramp, and picnic icons?