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Magellan Meridian Gold downloads

Started by 8BU, February 23, 2011, 08:09:52 AM

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Has anyone here downloaded Northeast Topo US part 1 of 3 into a Magellan Meridian Gold? What is required?


I doubt that would be possible as Magellan's proprietary format is different from Garmin's proprietary format.


That is definitely not going to work for you. The maps on this site are only for Garmin receivers.

There are some free Magellan maps here (no personal experience with them though):


Magellan has yet to provide a method for me to create maps in their format.
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I have a Triton and have played around very briefly making raster maps for it using TritonRMP. Each image is only viewable through a range of about 3 zoom levels though, and you need to add lower resolution images to the same file if you want a full range of zoom capability, which is sort of a pain. That type of map won't work on the Meridian Gold however, which is an old model (my first handheld unit in fact, that I purchased in 2002 and sold long ago. :) )

There are also ways to make vector-based Magellan maps but I never took the time to dig into these. Some discussion here: