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Downloaded, but won't Run

Started by Goldgazer, February 18, 2011, 08:58:17 PM

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   I have attempted to download Arizona TOPO, which seemed to go alright ( nothing to show anything to the contrary). However, when I tried to Run the program, I got the following message:

     Installer integrity check has failed. Common causes include
incomplete download and damaged media. Contact the
installer's author to obtain a new copy.

    Does anyone have a suggestion as to what to do next?  Thanks for your help!



   I had tried re-downloading twice before, but I downloaded to 'desktop' this time and it worked. Thanks! But now another dumb question. What should I use as an 'Install Location'? Should it be in the Garmin Mapsource folder, or does it matter? The install wizard defaults to :            C:\Program Files\Arizona Topo.
Thanks again for your help.


Either use the default or specify a location WHILE installing.  As the installer makes the proper changes to the Windows registry, do NOT move any of the files to a different location after they are installed.  If you want to use another location, you need to first run the uninstall program which came with that specific mapset; then again run the self-installer program (the .exe file you downloaded) and specify the new location you want to use.


It doesn't matter where the files go... unless you have a specific reason to care. I put all my own maps in C:\Garmin\ because that is the default for Garmin products (or at least it used to be, might have changed with newer versions).

You might have other reasons to put maps in a certain place. I have a netbook that I use with nRoute and a USB GPS sometimes. I have created a RAMdisk on this machine and put one of my most complex mapsets there to squeeze a little better performance out of that old software.