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Topo map scales

Started by Forrest hunters, February 07, 2011, 08:33:53 AM

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Forrest hunters


i actually did test with the blank card in and it was the same as no card.  How can i tell how many map sectors i have loaded?



I do not know if you can tell after they have been upload to the GPRr; however, MapSource gives a total of both the number of quads/segments selected and the total file size below the window on the left which lists the quads/segments selected.

Forrest hunters


I can figure that out by just selecting the number in each again.  Is there a limit as to how many you can put on one map or a total number allowed in the unit?  Somewhere seems to me i read a maximum you can put in.


On the OR (also CO, DK, 78, 62) the limit is 4000 quads/segments total for the GPSr.  The FAT32 formating of the micro memory card limits an individual xxxx.img file to 2Gb.  There have been posts on where 16Gb cards have been filled and work fine, with verbage that a 32Gb card will also work; however, I do not recall anyone posting that they are using a 32Gb card.  I recall Boyd is using a 16Gb card with most of it used for Garmin's Birdseye imagery.

Forrest hunters

Just added a little more info to the list. Added how many segments each map has.

michigan topos 14 seconds 146,536 kb 130 segments
other michigan topo 14 seconds 59,299 kb 44 segments
US states and counties 14 seconds 1,918 kb 2 segments
US P North Central 25 seconds 335,832 kb 330 segments
US P North East 32 seconds 282,872 kb 268 segments
NE Topo Part 1 46 seconds 642,656 kb 463 segments

Total 1,469,113 kb 1237 segments

I think i may start a new thread here and in gs just talking about this and see what others can paste about the amount of info they are loading and what kind of times they are seeing.


One of Garmin's FAQ's states that you can only have 4GB total mapping installed on your GPS. There seems to be a lot of conflicting info on this out there. Personally, I question that because it would be very limiting on a unit like the Oregon 450t that already has nearly 3GB with the pre-installed maps.

QuoteWhat is the largest SD/microSD card supported by an expandable memory device?


There are several products within the Outdoor and Fitness families that can accept expandable memory cards in SD or microSD format. These cards, for some devices, can be used to store active track-log data, however, all expandable memory devices can utilize the additional memory to store MapSource products.

There are limitations to the size of SD/microSD card used and to the number of detailed mapping segments that can be recognized by a device.

If at the most recent unit software version, these limitations are:

    * There is no limitation to the size of SD/microSD card used but the device will only recognize 4GB of detailed mapping
    * Each expandable memory device will be able to recognize up to 2,025 detailed mapping segments

If 2,025 detailed mapping segments are loaded to an SD/microSD card but does not reach 4GB worth of data, the unit will not show any more detailed mapping than what is provided by the mapping segments.


Previous information indicated the segment limit had be increased to 4000 segments.

Is Garmin's 1/25/2011 statement about the 'most recent unit software version' will recognize '2025 detailed mapping segments' on each expandable memory device indicating a reduction of capabilty with the latest software, or that the 4000 segments was actually a total of 2025 on the memory card and 1975? on the GPSr's internal memory?


Yeah, I think that's just plain wrong. The Oregon, Nuvi, Colorado, Dakota, etc. all recognize 4,000 segments. Like I said, there's a lot of confiicting information out there...