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How to load map info for a total newbie

Started by zone47, February 05, 2011, 09:18:35 AM

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I'm not too good at this, but I'm trying to load Ohio topo and POI maps on my Oregon 450.

Should I download the .exe on the 450 and run it, or run the .exe on my computer and extract the files there, then transfer them to the 450?

If I run the .exe on my computer, do I create new folders on the 450 for different map sets and then transfer the appropriate files? The only folder on there now (which comes empty) is called Custommaps.   I'm just not sure what the Oregon wants to see and I don't want to mess it up.

Any help would be appreciated.



By the way, I downloaded the training center, installed it, then downloaded mapsource on my computer and installed it..... should that have been done on the Garmin instead?  ???


If you have mapsource installed, simply download the map you want and run the .exe file. Depending on how your browser is configured, that might happen automatically. The .exe file is an installer that does everything. Now run mapsource and the map should be available on your computer:

To transfer the map to your Oregon, do this:

The Oregon is a dedicated navigation device. You cannot "run" programs on it. When you send a map with mapsource to the Oregon, it will appear as a file named gmapsupp.img in the Garmin folder in the unit's internal memory.

Sending another map will replace this file, having the effect of deleting the first one that you sent. To avoid this problem, rename gmapsupp.img to something descriptive like ohio.img before sending another one.

The CustomMaps folder should be inside the Garmin folder and is for a different kind of map that you create yourself:


This Old Guy way over his head..... trying to  download to Oregon 450 highlighted Illinois area map portions to microdisc as per tutorial instructions using BaseCamp.  Portions are recogized and sent. Even get the positive final message. :) However no such files are found anywhere in the left hand margins folders.  Help!!   Really lost. Is there a do over ?????? Should I download map source? Is windows 7 the culprit &/or my ineptitude? Your tutorials have been by far the most informative, but I do not get exactly the same described screens (no written names Ill. topo, etc.).  For the soon to be senile please keep it simple....... Much thanx in advance