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OZ Trucker

Started by Graeme, February 04, 2011, 02:34:25 PM

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just bought a nuvi navigator, thinking it will help me plan my routes with truck stops and rest point, but it only has US data available.(NTTS) i guess my options are to learn how to make my own maps, or get a good book with coords and save tham into my favorites. I might be re-inventing the wheel but, or I can see I have a lot to learn being so green. Any one have any suggestions?


Do you need a map of Australia? Your best bet will be to purchase Garmin's product:

You really can't make this kind of map yourself. Garmin does not support any tools for making your own maps. The available third party tools have been reverse engineered since Garmin doesn't publish the specs of their map format. And none of the third party tools support important features like address search.

If you go to the link above, click the "View map" tab, then "view a detailed interactive map" and you can zoom in and see if it has the detail that you need.