Viewing Multiple Maps on Computer / De-Duplicate Map Data?

Started by greenfrog5, February 04, 2011, 07:46:57 PM

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I know MapSource cannot display multiple maps at once.  I don't think BaseCamp can either?  The GPSr can, is there any other way to see how a transparent map will overlay over other maps (like it does on the GPSr)?

I'm making trail-maps, but don't need to waste time on certain things when other maps (California-topo) already cover dirt roads and some trails I might hike and add to my map?

I have quickly traced things off of maps in MapSource, then viewed these Routes/Tracks over my in-progress map, but this doesn't save much time.



This has been frequently discussed, and it's not possible. You might be able to do it with Garmin MobilePC, but that isn't free:

Looks like this software has been discontinued - must have happened very recently. You can install and run it as a free trial for two weeks however, so you could give it a try. See this: