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looking for some help please

Started by deercamp, January 19, 2009, 03:41:54 PM

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 ???  hello , i am new to this website and was trying to get some information on what direction to go first.  i just ordered a new garmin rhino 530hcx.   this is my first gps and will be using it for hunting and scouting in the new england area mostly maine, mass.   i plan on purchasing the bennett video that is suppose to have step by step instructions.  has anyone used this dvd?  i believe the gps comes with a base map but was told to buy the garmin topo u.s 100k,  but had heard there may be better
topo map software that i could buy that would be better. is this true, and if so what is it?  i just read something intersting on a post about a new basecamp software that garmin just came out with?
well as you can tell i am a newby to this site and will probably be spending a lot of time on it in the future.  so if someone could recommend what to buy or not buy it would be greatly appreciated.
thanks a lot and we'll be talking ....chris


there definitely is better out there.  savage (member on this forum) is about to release a much better topo map of new england; for free.  BUT, prior to that he already release Massachusets alone:

So, when you get to GPS use the cd and install mapsource on your computer.  Then download the map ( and install it; it'll appear in MapSource.  

Then follow the directions here: to put the units on your GPS.

Now, personal opinion; I've never used that video or heard of it but I would really just wait and play with the GPS for a week or two before getting the video.  I have some rino 110s and they weren't very hard to get used to.

I would also save your money on the topo 100k since savage is gonne release a map of all the states surrounding yours and yours is already out.

Lastly: I would buy a microSD card, probably a 2gb one. like this:

P.S. I just read your email and saw you are using a mac.  Thats not a problem; just download the mac stuff.
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My friend and I both have the rino 530Hcx and it is a fantastic unit. I would also not opt for the 100k maps when you can get much better maps here. Garmin's base map is decent but for the scouting you do, you'll want more detail. Also the maps at least the topo 08 from garmin is aggravation because the streets do not line up at least in AZ, at least 2-3 hundred feet off from where they should show up. The maps on this site are multitudes better! my 2 cents.


Quote from: -Oz- on January 19, 2009, 05:39:27 PM
Lastly: I would buy a microSD card, probably a 2gb one. like this:
I've seen a couple references to the 2GB micro sdhc cards, and to this package from NewEgg in particular.  Does that imply that 2GB is the max that the unit (Vista HCx in my case) can access?  Or is it simply that this particular NewEgg deal includes an sd adapter and a USB reader all for one low price?

Since I've not asked the obvious question, can the Vista HCx use 4GB cards?  If yes, can it use all 4 GB of that card? (IIRC, a lot of this stuff is fat32 formatted, so I wouldn't think it would be a problem, but I could be wrong).  Same for 8 GB cards?


I ahve the rino 530 hcx, and from what i can tell the unt can only see 2gb on a card... i have an 8gb card in it, but it only reads it as 2

also the map set can be no larger than 2gb on those units, and only 2025 map tiles can be in the map set... so even with garmin topo you are unable to put more than maybe a third of the lower 48 on

the maps on this site are much better... though larger

i currently have all of the detailed western state maps from this site, as well as just oregon from garmin topo (as the better free map from here isnt out yet)... i also have northwest trails, and about the southern half of BC from ibycus, from this site on there... im able to get all of that on there within the parameters stated above... so new england should be easy to do for you