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60cx - Mid-Atlantic Inland Waterways

Started by Tad, January 31, 2011, 03:29:08 PM

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I have a 60cx that I have under-utilized the past couple of years, and want to begin using it on by 17' hunting / fishing boat.

I keep looking at the Garmin BlueChart Americas and wonder whether or not the latest compatible versions for the 60cx are worth the money.


  • Is version 7 the latest compatible version for the 60cx?
  • Is the ~$150 investment for the maps/charts worth the money for the older version and 60cx technology?

Any insights and recommendations would be welcomed.



I am not familiar with these or with marine maps in general, but I do have one thought. If you purchase Garmin maps on DVD or via download, they will become permanently locked to your 60cx the first time you install them. However if you purchase the maps on a pre-loaded data card, they can be moved between different units. So if you think you may want to upgrade to something newer than the 60cx in the future, purchase the maps on memory cards.

For compatibility, on Garmin's map page there should be a tab labelled "products". Click on the tab and scroll down the list. It will show all models that the map is compatible with.


I have both the Garmin Inland Lakes v3, Continental U.S. and Garmin's Blue Charts that came on the Oregon 400i.  Personally, if I had it to do over again I would only go with the Inland Lakes v3... it comes on DVD so you can also use it on your PC, it is not locked so it can be used on multiple GPSs.  So a used version would work for you and most of all it covers the entire U.S. unlike where you have to buy individual chart areas for Blue Charts.  Granted the detail is not as great as Blue Charts has but for most situatiaons it is more than adequate.  Most of the time the Inland Lakes v3 has most of the channel markers for all navigable bodies of water and the ICW and most costal harbors.

If you have a specific area in question PM me the coordinates and your email and I'll attach a screenshot of just that area.  I think you can still zoom in on a specific area and see it on  Garmin's website, also.

If I were in a completely unfamiliar harbor or navigating at night or in dense fog then sure, the Blue Charts are the only way to go, but it doesn't sound like this is your intended use.


Thanks for the information!

eaparks...PM sent.