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selecting/deselecting maps

Started by tonerspill, January 10, 2011, 03:04:30 AM

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I've been using some of these maps on my Nuvi 200, experimenting to see which ones have better coverage of New England.  Somewhere along the way, I couldn't choose the City Navigator map, it wouldn't let me select it.  I cleared out the maps I'd put on the GPS and did a major reset and it works again.  Unfortunately, I can only use the Navigator and a transparent map together now, I can't deselect City Navigator anymore and use one of the Topos, even though I could before.  I've tried internal or SD card combinations and the garmin map is always on.  I don't know if anyone else has encountered this, or if it's too much to ask of  and older Nuvi.


Something must be wrong there. I've never seen this on any of my Nuvi's. However, the Nuvi will group all maps with the same ID numbers together such that they can only be turned on/off as a group instead of individually.

Not sure how, but that might have something to do with the problem.


I did change the name of the topo map and the name of the Garmin map, but it still won't deselect.  I wonder if I merged the Navigator map with one of the other maps in a way I can't undo.


Look in the garmin folder with the unit connected to the computer. gmapprom.img should be the pre-installed City Navigator map. It will probably be a little under 1 GB in size (I think the nuvi 200 only has "lower 48" maps and not Canada). The maps you installed from here should be in a file named gmapsupp.img. Remove that file and see what happens.

Additional maps that you install MUST be named gmapsupp.img on your model. If you changed that name of that file to something else, then it should no longer work. It might be possible for you to somehow get the two maps linked together if you reinstalled City Navigator with Mapsource. But you didn't do that.... did you?

Remove the gmapsupp.img file and see what happens for starters.