Oregon only displays preloaded U.S. 100k topo not my loaded 24k!

Started by GoldenBoy, January 04, 2011, 12:09:45 PM

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I have an Oregon 400t with software version 3.20. It came with the U.S. 100k topo set preloaded.

I put in a 4GB microSD and downloaded all the Colorado 24k topos which were named Colorado Topo Maps. I used your cotopo_install.exe by selecting the whole state which turned pink as stated in the tutorial.

I put them on my GPS in two ways:

1) Load onto microSD from laptop then put chip into GPS
2) Load into GPS while microSD is in the GPS.

Then I go: setup -> map -> map information select map -> disable topo u.s. 100k, enable Colorado Topo Maps, disable West DEM Basemap Topo U.S. 100k (what's this?)

But always only the 100k U.S. topo appears.

Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong? Thank you!


How do you know it is the 100K topo and not the 24K topo?  It sounds like you are seeing the 24K map.  Never disable your basemap or wheen zoom way out, it will zoom very slowly.


I have an Oregon 400t and there is no "basemap", only the 100k US Topo. It was one of the early models, so maybe they added the "West DEM Basemap" later?


I think I'm only seeing the preloaded 100k topos. All scales look the same as they did before loading the 24k maps. Also why wouldn't it be blank outside Colorado when I've disabled the 100k?

Weird thing is that the "basemap" did not appear until I started the whole process of getting the Colorado 24k.

Thanks for your help.