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How Do I Load Maps On My GPS Unit?

Started by firehall#2, January 07, 2011, 12:51:22 AM

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Being new to gps use and technilogically challenged, so far after reading the posts on this subject, I'm still in the dark as to how to download a decent map into my Garmin Map60CSx.
The map that comes with the unit is useless and I'd like to have something a little more detailed or for that matter any details other that 1 main hwy running through this area.
There is a free download for Ibycus topo and the question is, how do I get this into the GPS unit? Does it have to be downloaded into my PC first and if so, how is it then transfered to the GPS. Can I put the map on a micro SD card and install it? The map area I'm interested in is southwestern British Columbia. Any help or info would be appreciated.