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A little lost - HELP please.

Started by Bullshooter, December 30, 2010, 08:00:30 AM

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My forum searches are not getting me anywhere so I am starting a thread.  Please direct me if these questions have been answered elsewhere.

I bought a 60 csx, a new micro SD card, and have a Gateway with Windows 7 (64-bit).  Looking to load some topo maps and, if possible, some aerial photos of some land in Marion Co., MS.

To get started, I read the tutorial, but only got to Part 2, read that I need DEM2TOPO, got that, read that I need IDL Virtual Machine to run it, tried to download it, but instead of the 140 MB that the link suggested that IDL VM would be, the file size was 420 MB or so, and it bombed out trying to transfer and save to my PC.  (I got there by following the links from the tutorial.) 

I started to suspect that I am on the wrong track based on the size discrepancy, so that is my question - Is the 420 MB size the correct version that I need?  And how can I get it to download, or should I give up and ask them to send it on CD?

By the way, I use ArcGIS and have successfully downloaded some really great hi-res images, and can map waypoints onto them with my old GPS 12, so I am not totally hopeless.

My other question is Will it be possible to load aerial photos onto the 60?

Thanks for any advice,



To view raster images on a Garmin GPSr requires one of the newer models, i.e. CO, OR, DK, 62, 78. 

If by 'load topo maps' you mean existing topo mapsets available here, then see these tutorials:

The tutorial(s) you are looking at refer to creating a mapset from source data.


You message is a bit confuisng, "DEM2TOPO, got that, read that I need IDL Virtual Machine"  You use this to create a topo map.  It would be much easier to just download one of this site.


Glad I asked, because I was definitely on the wrong track.  Thank you.  I will look through the tutorials about downloading a map from this site, because I am not trying to create a topo, just load one.

Thanks again.


Yes, things are confusing on teh tutorial site.  Lots of people get confused.  I hope my suggestion to seperate map making tutorials from tutorial on how to use the maps on this site gets implemented.   :)