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Started by nhfish, December 30, 2010, 11:34:11 AM

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Quote from: nhfish on December 31, 2010, 01:24:08 PMI can"t see the map, it has identified card in f slot, tap all data and nothing appears

You don't "retrieve" anything. The map remains on the card and it is accessed directly by Basecamp there. You should not have to do anything. Just insert the card and run Basecamp. It will take a minute or so to cache the map - you'll see a progress bar while this happens. You then need to select the map with the dropdown menu.

Here's what it looks like for me with the 24k Northeast topo card in a USB reader.


Quote from: maps4gps on December 30, 2010, 04:16:08 PMOn Garmin's website it says CN uses Navteq, however, I see no mention of what is used for the 24K topos

On the package from the Northeast 24k topo maps there's a prominent logo that says "NAVTEQ MAPS" and "NAVTEQ Maps is a trademark of NAVTEQ, c2008 NAVTEQ. All rights reserved."

That would seem to leave little doubt as to the origin of the data. I can't say whether or not the disk version is locked. It might have changed, depending on when the product was purchased. Maybe they changed data providers or maybe the terms of their agreement with NAVTEQ changed.

[edit]This *might* be a definitive answer:

Quote from: WEASELELDERHot off the press!

I just recieved a reply from a Garmin Tech regarding loading topo maps from the DVD onto more than one unit (2 map 60 CSX's and a Nuvi 205W). The reply states:

*** "Thank you for contacting Garmin International.
Topo maps that are on DVD are not locked and therefore able to be loaded to multiple Garmin devices. You should be able to load this software to all the compatable units." ***

That's good enough for me!


  Boyd, I get that similar screen, exempt the map, says all data no map below it. I did do the right click thing and it says couldn't get all map info or something to that effect, says I need us topo 2008. Still works fine in the disk slot of rino.  Like I said don't need to download it into other device I gathered maps from site but I would like to be able to view it on computer, ideally like to see way points as well may be a long shot.  Is there a download for this, do I need it, or is it another attempt to keep tapping the well by garmin


I'm sorry, but I just can't understand what the issue might be. Since you have an official Garmin product, and it is intended to work in Basecamp as I described, I suggest you contact Garmin Support and they should be able to help you.