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Loading AR & OK topo maps on Dakota 20

Started by Razorbackangler, December 25, 2010, 12:55:00 PM

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Can someone provide me with the proper way to load both topo maps on the Dakota 20.  I downloaded the files from this site to mapsource.  When I transfer the files to my micro card in the gps, it looks like they overwrite.  I either have all the Arkansas topo info or all the Oklahoma topo info... not both... I can not find the other state's info to select.  I have a 4 gb card in the unit.  Any help would be appreciated.


You can do it by either:
1. Selecting some quads/tiles or all of one mapset. then doing so for another mapset - it will add them to the list in the left hand window; then sending all to the GPSr/memory card as a single gmapsupp.img file.
2. Send one mapset to the GPSr/memory card. rename the gmapsupp.img file to another name with a .img extension, i.e. ar_topo.img.  Then do the same for additional mapset(s), i.e. ok_topo.img. 
The second method is generally more flexable/usefull in the long term, but only works with the 'newer' models, and not all Nuvi.