How do I know what version of City Nav I have?

Started by Stormstaff, December 27, 2010, 08:41:52 PM

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My mother-inlaw bought me City Navigator North America NT for Christmas. The version she got me is #010-11546-00 but Garmin's site shows #010-11546-50. I called Garmin and the person I spoke with wasn't sure of the difference.

Anyone have a clue?

Thanks in advance!


A good place to ask would be on the Garmin forums.


Guess I never thought about them having a forum. Duh! Thanks for the help. Off to post over there. Much appreciated!


No answers on Garmin so far but I got a response from a dealer and they said that authorized dealers get the "00" version. Also got an email from a Garmin rep stating that once I unlock the DVD that if it's not the latest, I'll be able to download the latest version for free. 


2011.3 is the latest version - Install it and look in MapSource to see which one it is.  The version number is part of the map name in MapSource (or basecamp)


I have two units. I have an older version of City Nav on my computer that's installed on my older gps. Will I need to uninstall the old version before I try installing my new copy?