Oregon 450 maps not showing streets or contour lines

Started by roberttice, December 16, 2010, 05:36:23 AM

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I downloaded Pa topo and northeast topo from this site. when I download them to the 450 using basecamp the streets and contour lines dont show up. All I  see on the the gps is streams and railroad tracks. I downloaded the map several times. Is there a setting on the Gps that I am not finding.


What profile have you chosen on your 450? I believe you will want to choose "recreational" or something to that effect.

Also, zoom way in, to 500 feet or thereabouts. The settings that affect this sort of thing are found in Advanced Map Setup. Make sure detail is set to most.


I changed my profile to geocaching and the rest of the map showed up. thanks for your help I was in the wrong folder moving the profiles up and down.


Look at the different settings between "Geocaching" and the other profiles, then you can make you own profiles with settings just the way you want them...
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