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Suggestion, also, you guys are AWESOME!!

Started by Incahiker, February 06, 2009, 02:41:28 PM

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1st off I really wanted to thank you guy for all the hard work you are doing. These maps are great. I got the topo for the southeast and it is way better then topo 2008, especially the water and the roads, blows away garmin.

   Anyhow, I was wondering if there is a way to better organize the maps. I would not have been able to download the Georgia topo map if I had not seen it in the "Recently added, Most popular maps" because I went to where it list all the maps by state,  and I clicked Georgia and the only ones it listed were the Ibycus and county bounderies. I almost missed the topo. I am so glad I didn't because it is of high quality. I just wanted to bring this to anyones attention so that it will be easier to find for noobs like me. Thanks again for all the work. The installation was so easy!! Can't believe this is free, way to go guys.


Fixed that for ya. Now it lists all the states that the South East and South Central maps touch. You can navigate to them by clicking on any of the states in the custom maps.


Glad you like it; its definitely everyone contributing that makes this awesome.
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