New to forum. Question about map compatability

Started by Cranky, November 13, 2010, 07:48:03 PM

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I am new to the site and was unsure where to post my question. I posted it on the GPSr forum but thought I would post it here as well. As stated on the other forum I have an old garmin emap with a 64mb card that I intend to use on my atv. I have mapsource on my laptop with the Kentucky topo maps downloaded. Will the topo maps work on this old emap if I don't exceed the mb limit of my card? All input appreciated. Thanks.


Did you try to see if it works?  If not, try downloading them to the GPS and see if they work.

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I don't have an eMap, but I believe they were compatible with Mapsource maps, so I'd say there's a good chance it will work. Keep in mind 64 megs isn't much these days, and new maps do tend to be quite a bit larger than the old Garmin Topo maps- more detail and larger areas covered.

You will need a computer with an RS-232 port to connect to the eMap, or a USB to RS-232 converter, plus a cable with the odd Garmin serial connector on it.


Thanks for the replies. I need to correct my first post. I bought the emap and it will arrive next week so I cannot try the maps. Sorry about the misstatement. I have had a garmin 2610 for about six yrs. It came with the City Navigator V7 and I am still using these maps. I am hoping to use the topo maps of Ky. from this site as well as the CN if needed. I realize the 64mb is small but I will not need much for the map segments needed for the atv. Any other opinions welcomed. Thanks again for the replies.

By the way, I also have a 2gig card ordered for the 2610 to load all US CNv7 and the Ky. topo maps so hopefully between the two I will get the topos to work.


I think you will just have to try and find out for yourself. I had a 2620 for a number of years, which was like your 2610 but included a 2gb IBM microdrive. I later replaced it with a 2GB solid state card. Realize, however that the 2600 series isn't compatible with the new NT type City Navigator maps.

I hope you didn't pay much for the eMap. That would not be my choice in today's world. It will struggle under tree cover and also take awhile to get a fix. Newer models are much better, not to mention the limited memory.

Let us know how it works for you.

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If it works and the OP only ATVs in one area he probably won't need anything more. If he finds himself needing to swap maps often the RS-232 transfer speed will probably 'inspire' him to upgrade. I just switched from the original Legend (8 meg) and was able to keep my little area of northern CA and a few other maps in it, both road and Topo. It was a pain to switch maps when I traveled, though.


Yeah... I've been there. Started with a Magellan Meridian Gold back in the 1990's - at least it had a card slot, but cards weren't very big then. I had a Legend C after that which at least gave me a USB 1.0 interface and a whopping 24MB of memory. :)

Buy - hey - if it does what you need then there's no need to switch.