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WAAS problem with Garmin 62s

Started by tawood, November 02, 2010, 04:54:41 AM

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I have discovered what I think is a problem with the (or maybe just my) Garmin 62s, and I'm wondering if anyone else has noticed this.
If my 62 looses the WAAS satelite signal, it will attempt to find another WAAS satelite if available.  If it is unable to locate another WAAS signal, it NEVER attempts to use WAAS satelites again, for the rest of that "power up" sesion. What I mean is, say I enter an area with no WAAS coverage, loose the signal, then after a few minutes return to an area with WAAS coverage.  The 62s will not regain the WAAS signal no matter how long it tries, until I shut it off and back on (at which point it IMMEDIATELY reaquires the signal).


Do you have the latest software?  If so, contact Garmin and let them know about it. 


I don't understand the interest in WAAS.  Usually, if I've got a good constellation of satellites, I get as good EPE with WAAS off as with WAAS on on either my 60CSX or my OR300.  And I lose WAAS whenever I go under tree cover.


The few times I have tried WAAS on my 76csx or OR300, the EPE was about the same or worse than when it was set to off.  From: 'Currently, WAAS satellite coverage is only available in North America. ...  For some users in the U.S., the position of the satellites over the equator makes it difficult to receive the signals when trees or mountains obstruct the view of the horizon. WAAS signal reception is ideal for open land and marine applications.'  Add buildings, etc. to what can block the signals.


I've got the latest software...time to call garmin.