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Simply thanks :)

Started by expat42451, December 18, 2010, 10:48:33 PM

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I have been a GPS user for many years as a sailor. I am planning a bike trip to Europe in March to stay over there for probably 6 months. In getting the bike ready in addition to panniers and other stuff I purchased a Garmin 450 handheld to mount on the handlebars. I did not purchase the t  unit to avoid the premium of topo maps. I have just loaded various US topo maps on the unit from this website. I am very impressed with the Alabama topo that is available here.  I am also going to load what European topos that are here as I wander Europe this summer.  This is simply a thanks for the excellent maps.  Searching now for European (and US ) cycle trail maps.



Be sure to check this site:
It uses OpenStreetMaps data which is an international project to provided free road/street/trail data.  The user input is extensive and very detailed for much of Europe.