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Can not get waypoints off of Garmin 62s

Started by tawood, October 27, 2010, 06:17:47 AM

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Hi all,
I've got a new GPSmap 62s, and I'm having a problem getting waypoints from it.  I'm using mapsource.  It will accept waypoints (send to device) but when I try to "receive from device" it always says there are no waypoints on the unit when there actually are....why?

Oh, and btw, although this 62s is new, I'm no stranger to garmin or mapsource...I've had about a half dozen previous garmin gps, marine units, aviation units, etc.


I'm sure someone knowledgeable will post an answer quickly.  In the meantime, whenever I have issues with my 60csx, I change my socks.  :) :) :) That seems to help.

Just being silly.....But, if I must be serious, then I have tried restarting the whole process (shut down MS, disconnect the device, then hook up device again, open MS again.)  This, also, has helped.

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Unfortunately, changing your socks and restarting your computer aren't going to help this time.  ;D

Garmin has changed the way that data is stored on the 62s and Mapsource cannot properly read it. You will need to use Basecamp. See this post from one of Garmin's software developers on their support forum:

QuoteMapSource will receive the contents of current.gpx and that's it. Nothing more. If the unit uses more files (like the 62 and some other newer outdoor devices) then MapSource cannot receive them.

With the new file model you can sync your devices between BaseCamp and your device. That means you can edit, add and delete data on your device with BaseCamp. BaseCamp knows which file the data is coming from and can adjust the files as such.

Supporting this with MapSource is one of those things that we would love to do, but might never get around to.

The recommended application for outdoor devices is BaseCamp. Check out version 3.0.6 if you haven't given it a try recently.


Thanks Boyd...
Now some new questions.  I've never used does it compare to Mapsource?  If I install it, can I still use mapsource?  My version of mapsource is current, but I am using MANY expensive, but older, maps, such as original america bluecharts, jepsen, etc.  Infact, the maps are so old, they are not locked (device specific), which I like ;) (I'm sure you can understand why).  I just don't want basecamp interfering with these maps!!!


I wouldn't expect any problems, basecamp should read all your existing maps. But from what I understand, it doesn't work with Marine maps, I think they have a program called "HomePort" for that. But I really don't know because I don't have any Marine maps myself. If you are concerned, just make sure you have backed up everything on your computer, and "Caveat Emptor".  :o

BaseCamp will be needed if you decide to subscribe to BirdsEye as well (I am very happy with the imagery in my area).


To answer your other question you can use MapSource and Basecamp at the same computer at the same time.
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I would nominate BaseCamp as one of the worst windows programs ever.  The latest version has improved some, but it is still a horrible program in my opinion.  I have an OR 550T and MapSource will not recive waypoints from it either.  The most recent version has not fixed the problem.  There are two workarounds.  First open basecamp, download, and then export it, then open it in MapSource.  That is what I do most of the time.  If you look on the GPS in the Garmin\gpx folder you should find a gpx file with waypoints in its name.  You can open that in Mapsource and get your waypoints.  If you assign gpx files to mapsource, all you have to do is double click on the file and it will open in MapSource


Quote from: jbensman on October 28, 2010, 09:30:49 AM
I would nominate BaseCamp as one of the worst windows programs ever.

Nevertheless, this is clearly the direction in which Garmin is heading. Look at the quote above, from one of Garmin's software developers: "Supporting this with MapSource is one of those things that we would love to do, but might never get around to."

It sure looks like they will (at some point) completely drop Mapsource and concentrate all their efforts on Basecamp.


Quote from: jbensman on October 28, 2010, 09:30:49 AM
I would nominate BaseCamp as one of the worst windows programs ever....
Now that I've been using it for a couple days, it would get my vote too.


Well, the new version of Basecamp is 1000 times better than before.  While I still have issues with it, at least it now works.

However, if you had birdseye maps, you need to go to your temp files \user appdata\local\basecamp

I had about 11 gigs in about 1,364,000 (NOT A TYPO) files in my temp directory.  Now basecamp is using the jnx files instead of these files.  It is no wonder it would grind to a halt with this many files.  But anyway, you should delete those files off your computer.  It could take many hours to get them all deleted.   I do not understand why the updater did not delete these files.


Have been putting off the upgrade, but it sounds like they finally are headed in the right direction, by just using the .jnx files in basecamp. I had already deleted all of my BirdsEye files from BaseCamp (I have about 16GB) and just backed up the .jnx files to a folder. It sounds like it will now be possible to drag these back into BaseCamp and actually be able to use them.

Will have to add this upgrade to my list of other computer projects. :)


Hi everyone,
same problem with 62s. I'm downloading basecamp and later i'll try to use it.
Actually i'd rather open the GPS as a usb mass storage, and copy directly the gpx file in the computer. Later i'll process the data with Qgis.

The problem is: I have 2 62s, with one I can find the gpx data browsing inside the gps directory, with another one I cannot find any folder "waypoints". Don't know, waypoints are saved in the GPS!!!

Do you have any idea?