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transfering rputs from pc to gps

Started by johnny b., October 21, 2010, 11:38:54 AM

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johnny b.

I have a nuvi 750. I am have ing trouble loading routs from mapsource to my unit, since i sent it in to have the battery replaced. Is there something I need to reset on my gps or is there something wrong


After sending the route to the Nuvi, you need to import it. This may vary a bit by model, but on most of the ones I've used you would press Menu > Tools > My Data > Import Route. After doing this, the route should be available when you press Menu > Where to > Routes. Have you tried all of this?

johnny b.

I think I figured out the first problem. I think that there was something wrong with my ols sd card. Got a new one and followed your directions. Now it works. Thanks Boyd