Garmin Vista Downloads of Mapsource with Land Ownership Maps

Started by Hunting Havoc, January 23, 2009, 06:29:42 AM

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Hunting Havoc

I am wondering if anyone knows how new of Garmin Vista unit is required to download the land ownership maps that are available on this site.  I have a Garmin Vista (probably 1998) and the Garmin Mapsource CD but I was unable to load the new land ownership files.  I downloaded the land ownership zip files from this site but I am guessing the older version of Mapsource is looking for files of a different extension.

I was wondering if the newer version of Mapsource would allow me to download these new landownership maps or if I need to be looking at a newer Garmin model??

Hunting Havoc


There is definitely a free, new version of mapsource.  The maps on this site seem to require v1.13.x+.

Download and install that then install the map and it should work.  Granted you won't have color so we'll see how good it really looks but you should be able to load it.

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