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GPSMap vs. Oregon

Started by astainback, October 05, 2010, 02:39:10 PM

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I was surprised today when I was comparing the GPSMap62 to the Oregon units today.

I own a 60CSx.  I have been thinking about trying to add another GPS since I like mine so much.  I figured I would like a "better" unit even more, but I think I might be wrong.
First, the 62 only seems to have a better screen.  I don't see the advantage for me getting that one.
Then I looked at the Oregon.  The screen doesn't seem to be much bigger than the screen on the 60Csx!!??!!
I will be better off getting an automotive unit or the Nuvi 500 and loading topo maps to it and using it!!
What is the deal here??  I thought the Oregon had a much bigger screen?  I have never held one, so i guess that is why I didn't know it.
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Indrid Cold

The Oregon has a hi density pixel count at about 3x the GPSMAP62 series, the screen isn't 3x the size, just higher resolution.


i just got the 62s, not the 62. The 62s has a lot of features over the 60csx. Go look at the specs on the 62s.



Oregon Screen: 400x240 = 96,000 pixels
GPSMap 60 / 62: 160x240 = 38,400 pixels

Quite a difference. This means you will see a larger area of the map on the Oregon screen.

Aside from that, both the Oregon and GPSMap 62 have a major advantage over the older GPSMap 60 series. They can use custom maps (scanned paper maps) and BirdsEye Imagery (downloaded aerial imagery). The 60csx can't do either of these. The processor on the 62 and Oregon series is much more powerful. My own tests with the Oregon and 60csx also convince me that these new models are more accurate. The 62, Dakota and Oregon series all have essentially the same guts inside them now.

Indrid Cold

Ok then, it looks like the numbers read a little over double, not triple as previously stated. With my eyes it makes a world of difference.