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uploading waypoints and routs on Oregon...

Started by mikeljcarr, September 30, 2010, 03:40:50 PM

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I previously had a 76CSX and just bought a new Oregon 550T.  I'm trying to load my maps, waypoints, etc. from MapSource but it will only allow me to upload maps.  Surely, I should be capable of uploading my waypoints... right?


I think I read there's a bug with the new version of Mapsource that creates problems with waypoints on the Oregon series. As an alternative, you could use BaseCamp which is a free download from Garmin.

See Garmin's Mapsource support forum for more info:


Downloaded Basecamp and that did the trick.  I have even been able to upload the data on my wifes Nuvi that I couldn't get to go before.  Thanks!