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Started by mikeljcarr, September 30, 2010, 08:08:56 AM

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I'm new to using transparent maps and just successfully downloaded a trails map from this site.  The map is available in my dropdown in Mapsource but i don't know how to get it to show up overtop of my topo maps (for example: over US Topo-East).


MapSource will only display one mapset at a time.  They can be displayed together on the GPSr.
Options on how you send two or more mapsets to the GPSr depend on which GPSr unit you have.
This tutorial provides some information:


Basecamp (free DL) will display multiple maps atop one another. 


Ok, so I've downloaded Basecamp and have figure it out somewhat, but I don't see how to overlay multiple maps... any suggestions would be appreciated.


The maps need to be transparent (topos often are).  In my case I overlay transparent .img aps over the base map included.  It is neat.  Here's more info:


EagleBoy.  Have you ever done this yourself?  I posted all those screenshots, and they are from the same map product.  It just has a preview overlay that BaseCamp treats differently than MapSource.


I have sucessfully imported Canadian topo maps and overlain them onto the basemap in Basecamp.


Have you overlaid one basemap over the other, neither of which was the basemap?  I'm thinking of something like City Navigator (non transparent) and a transparent Topo map?

And another question.  What compiler was used to generate your transparent map?  cgpsmapper, or mkgmap?  cgpsmapper maps have a buff tan background color.  mkgmap has a gray background color?


Haven't tried one basemap over another.  Yet  I used cgpsmapper


I am confused by this discussion.  Also the screen shots are not there.  Is someone saying there is a way to view transparent maps on top of City Nav in BaseCamp?  That would be great, but I have not  been able to figure out how to do it.


You can see the images if you log in to the Garmin site.

I don't think you can select more than one map product to display in BaseCamp at one time, so I don't see how you could display more than one.  I think that what EagleBoy was seeing is an peculiarity in the way BaseCamp shows transparent maps.  If he can show something like CNN
ANT under a transparent topo, I hope he posts a tutorial.


I don't think you can display multiple at the same time either.  If you can I would definitely like to know how so it can become a tutorial here.
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Quote from: -Oz- on October 02, 2010, 12:21:55 PM
I don't think you can display multiple at the same time either.  If you can I would definitely like to know how so it can become a tutorial here.
Never been able to, don't see it in the future either...