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Maps are all blank

Started by Chintzel, September 30, 2010, 03:30:33 PM

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I downloaded two maps of Connecticut (mm_trail_osm and mm_trail_100k) and managed to load them onto Mapsource.  However, when I click on them the maps are completely blank with no detail except for black square outlines no matter how much I zoom in. What gives?  >:(


Overlay/transparent do not have an overview map - just the selection tile outlines.
Zoomed-in enough (500' or so) the data will display - if there is any for the area in the display.
Unfortunately none of the public sources for trail data is very complete.
Zoom-in to the 500' level and pan around.  If there are no trails, consider making tracks of the trails you take and submit them to one of the websites building a trail database or to the Open Street Map (OSM) project.


Ah. I see. I was able to load the TOPO map from the area fine so I guess the issue is the trail maps. It's too bad it is not easier to get them onto the unit for hiking - it would be great to see exactly were you are on the trail.