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BWCA Campsites and Portages Map

Started by colopaddler, September 18, 2010, 02:27:05 PM

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can someone tell me if I have to download another map to use this one? When I download it I only get a white background and a icons of tents and trails?

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This one?

Looks like it is only a collection of POI's - the tents, etc that you see. You would need to combine it with another map of the area to see features like roads, contours, rivers, etc.

Look at the screenshots at the link above. It says they were created by using the Minnesota Topo along with this map. You can download it here:


I am really new to the gps era! I have a new Oregon 400T. I was able to load the Minnesota topo to my Micros SD card in the unit. How would I go about adding the BWCA camp sites and trails to it? I really do not want to screw anything up on the unit, so any help advising me how to do it would be appreciated...thanks...


I have not used it, but after downloading you will have a .exe file which contains an installer. I'm on my Mac right now and can't try this since it's a Windows program. But I believe it is like the other installers here which expect you to already have Mapsource on your computer.

Here's how to install Mapsource. Follow these steps EXACTLY:

Then follow this to install the file on your GPS:

Your Oregon 400t already has Garmin's topo maps that cover the entire US. So you would leave these active on the GPS, and also turn on the BWCA maps. They will add the symbols and labels to the map that you see in the screenshots here:

This won't mess up anything on the 400t. The Garmin topo maps are contained in a separate file that Mapsource will not touch. However, before doing ANYTHING else with your new GPS, do a full backup. Just create a folder on your computer, connect the GPS, and drag all the files from the GPS to that folder. This will take a long time and use almost 3GB of disk space, but later on if you have a problem with the GPS you'll be happy to have a backup!


FYI: My Trails has everything in the Boundary Waters map and much more in MN and several other states: