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Download Problems North West US and Northwest Topo

Started by jo_botmn, September 14, 2010, 01:23:49 AM

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Please help!

I have successfully downloaded mapsets from here prior to and after I tried to download these mapsets. The downloading windows won't pop up, and the web page is 'connecting...' until I stop it manually. I have let it 'connect' for 5 minutes and still nothing.

I tried cleaning out the temperary internet files, the cache, and the browsing history, but still no luck. The OS is xp.

I have contacted about northwest topo, but no response yet.

Any suggestions???


I had no problem downloading NW topo a couple days ago on a computer where I work.  I haven't had time to look at it yet tho, and the disk I put it on is still at work.  Do you have a problem with downloading other things on your computer?  It could be a problem with the security settings on your computer.  In my experience most teens or preteens can change them in a hurry.  Or when the internet is real busy I have problems as everything seems to go slow on both ends.  Some times of day seem to work better, that's why I (my boss actually) downloaded it at work.  I'm pretty computer illiterate, but I know they download on other machines.


Also no problems here today, from work and home....
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If you have norton or mcafee they also block downloads rather frequently.
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