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Family ID exist.

Started by valt, September 14, 2010, 09:44:20 AM

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I am trying my first download of maps for Washington state, and am having a hard time getting either NW_Topos or NW USA Topos installed in MapSource.

Each time when I try to "install an existing mapset" I get the message "Family ID exist".  Also, since the mapset shows in the "Mapset Installed" box in MapsetToolkit, if I simply select "Start", I get the same message.

Also, when I try the "install" dialogue, I note that the "Family ID" that automatically fills in is not the same as the "Family ID" shown in the "Mapset Installed" box.

Clearly, I am doing something wrong, but certainly haven't figured it out yet.

Thanks for any guidance.


I believe both mapsets come as selfinstalling versions (.exe) file.  After download you execute (run) that file and it makes the necessary additions to the registery, etc. 
If it shows in the 'mapset installed' box of MapSetToolKit, the mapset is installed and should be usable in MapSource or BaseCamp. 
Is either or both mapsets listed in MapSource/BaseCamp?


Thanks for the quick response.  I jumped the gun, obviously.  Working on making MapSource work correctly, then will try again.