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Both sad and amusing (an incident last night)

Started by kirkaptain, February 24, 2009, 11:13:34 PM

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My phone and Garmin GPS were stolen from my house last night >:( . Google Latitude + BlackBerry data service allowed me to track the phone to a small town a few clicks outside my city: the residence of my former housemate's family. He has a loooong rapsheet. I've already filed a police report and canceled my phone service. Even with this information, I'm told, there is scant chance of getting my things back.  :'(

Ironically, it was the phone, not the GPS, which helped me locate my stolen items and determine the culprit. Google Latitude triangulates position from cell tower location and signal strengths. ;D

Damn, just as I got a data cable and found this site.


That's pretty jacked up.  More common than one might think; my friends ex-housemate came back and stole his xbox; police said he'd never get it back.  way to go...
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