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stuck on loading file with MapsetTookit

Started by zukkiman, August 30, 2010, 10:33:47 AM

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I am new to the loading of maps. I seem to be stuck at the "TYP files" window on the MapsetToolkit window. Any ideas for me?


Which maps are you trying to load? Most of the maps on this site have installer scripts to do all the "heavy lifting" and mapset toolkit is not required. Unless you have a .typ file as part of the mapset, that field can be left blank however.


I am using the California topo download. It took about 4 hours to download. I used the the self extracting program and it is a file of about 100 or more subfiles ending in .img. I may doing it the hard way but I thought I was following the instructions.


This map?

If so, you are not really following the instructions. The installer does everything you need. The files you describe are only used by the mapsource program and you should not be messing with them.

If you don't already have mapsource installed, see this:

You might need to re-install if you didn't have mapsource to start with, not sure.

If you already have mapsource or BaseCamp, just follow these instructions:

Either way, you do not need to use Mapset toolkit. It is primarily for people who are construction their own, new maps.


Let me start over. So what your are saying if I do it right, the California Top should load to mapsource?



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Glad it worked for you. Mapsource is the also the "source" of a lot of confusion, since it doesn't work like most computer programs where you just open a file.