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New 60csx ... SD cards

Started by woodstramp, August 29, 2010, 08:31:21 PM

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Forgot about this old thread.  Just wanted to say that I run a 4GB card and it has more maps than I will probably ever use. 

As to the paperless can't do real paperless caching, but if you use GSAK and a add-on macro you can load thousands of geocaches as Custom POI's in the card.  It changes the name of the cache to a coded kind of of shorthand to give more info in a short amount of space. Like a part of the name, type, size and even a short hint.  There are lots of threads at Groundspeak about it.


Quote from: MichaelJ07 on October 03, 2010, 06:02:44 AM
I am a new 60csx owner as well, woodstramp.  I use it every day (to learn it and, admittedly, to just play.)  I love it and it does everything I could ever ask it to.

Mike,  Agreed.  I liked the first 60csx so much I bought two. :)  Well, one's a gift to my future son-in-law. For tromping the woods, I've not used it's equal.  Super long battery life, solidly built,  not buggy and can tell you where even in a deep hollow under heavy tree cover. My only other choice would have been a Delorme PN.  Those have really neat map options (I own a PN), solid build,  and are highly sensitive too. The only trouble is the battery life....and often buggy.


Andy, thanks for the heads up.  I don't go past 4GB' own aging brain can't handle more. :)

Quote from: playful on October 10, 2010, 11:25:34 PM
Hi woodstramp!

In response to your original SDHC question...
Higher on the thread, Indrid mentioned 8GB cards.
I have a 16GB card on my 60CSX and am sure others on the forum do too. A 32GB card would probably work, but where would you get the maps?... LOL...

Just beware of the so-called "sandisk ultra" issue, some people have reported no trouble with Kingston class 4 cards but I am still on class 2.

Warmest wishes,