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How to Merge Tracklogs for Mapmaking

Started by Boxerboy, January 18, 2009, 06:27:43 PM

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I've been gathering tracklogs of our town's multi-use trail system with the intention of making both paper and transparent GPS maps.  My immediate challenge is managing the tracklogs.  How does one take a bunch of tracklogs and "merge" them into one so I can manipulate the entire trail system easily as one tracklog?  I've been using GPS Trackmaker (free edition) to clean up and sanitize my tracklogs.

Any and all insights greatly appreciated!


Do you want to make them one file or merge all the tracks into one track?

In Garmin MapSource you can just copy the tracks from one file and paste them into the next then you'll have them all.  You can even combine (use the edit toolbar) the tracks and rename them.  They'll all be stored in one file that way.
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I have them all in one file and they overlay onto topo or metroguide perfectly.  Problem is, they're just a bunch of tracks hooked together.  So to make them stand out on the map, I have to click on each of about 20 tracks to change the color (Mapsource default seems to be black data points and segments, and white background for tracks).  I have no interest in the properties of the original tracks (i.e., what the date was, how fast I was going, etc.), so I don't mind losing those properties.  This is going to become a real problem as I continue to incorporate more tracklogs for the rest of the trail system.