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PLSS data overlay

Started by Cuacopollo, August 23, 2010, 04:23:14 PM

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I am a new user with a simple question.

Can I get and upload the PLSS (Private Land Survey System) layer onto a Garmin 450 so that when I am hiking/driving/hunting in New Mexico, I can see the ownership layer (shaded color) and avoid getting onto private land and accidentally trespassing?

Thanks for the help for a newbie!


The PLSS (Public Land Surver System - that is public not private) is a grid.  It does NOT indicate the current public/private status of the land parcels.  My surface management agency mapset would indicate which Federal agency manages the land and includes some information on State managed areas.  jbensman's Western Land Ownership mapset appears to have the same data from BLM and he also has added public land ownership from State, county, etc. sources - at least around my area of Colorado.   All three are overlay mapsets and should work fine, both together and with a 'base' map.