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Oregon 450 $249.99 REI

Started by Indrid Cold, August 23, 2010, 11:41:55 PM

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Indrid Cold

Labor Day SALE & Clearance: Aug 27th~Sept 6th


Just like the OR300 last Thanksgiving.  Maybe they are using the handhelds as a loss leader to sell locked mapping software.


Dan Blomberg
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Helen RW

Greetings from Vermont.

You can't imagine how happy I was to see this thread. When I saw the sale, I panic ordered assuming that they had just a few. Then I worried about not knowing very much about the O450. Maybe they were closing this model out because everyone hated it?

Well the reviews seem mostly positive, and the features seen to fit me well. (I have a decent camera with GPS built in.) And now I see it recommended here. So this impulsive purchase looks like it will have a happy ending.

Thank you. I look forward to finding my way around GPSFileDepot to figure out how to use this gear. I'm more of a Nuvi type, but I can learn.



I might be right behind ya Helen.....This looks to be one nice deal  ::)


thanks for posting this sale indrid......i just pulled the trigger on this puppy

Horse Rider

Two questions on the Oregon 450.  It appears that it does not support Birdseye imagery, is that correct?  Will it show multiple tracks on the map page at the same time or just one at the time like the GPSMap60CSX does?

Indrid Cold

A1: No, that is not correct. It will display BirdsEye.
A2: Yes, it will show more than one. The GPSMAP 60CSx should also show up to 20 saved tracks I believe.


It will show multiple tracks, and you can choose what color they are. But track control is one of my nitpicks on the Oregon. There are two different places to set things - "Track Manager" on the main menu and "Tracks" in the Settings menu. The options are a bit confusing and you can over-ride something you've set in one of the menu's by changing a setting in the other one. I wish they would just consolidate all of this in one place.

The 450 is BirdsEye compatible. Where did you get the idea that it wasn't? It's on the compatible list in the product info here:

BTW - is it just me, or does that link take you to the French version of Garmin's site? I arrived there by following links on the US site. Once on that page, I selected the "English" item of the dropdown menu. THe page refreshed and came up again in French.  ???  Is this an issue with my browser, or is the page broken?

Also - be sure to register your Oregon, then check your e-mail. You will receive a coupon code for a 10% discount on any Garmin product. It can be used to buy BirdsEye, lowering your cost to $27.  :)

Horse Rider

That's good to know about the multiple tracks, my Map60
csx will only display 1 of the 20 saved tracks at a time.  I was looking at a catalog that spelled out Birdseye compatible for the 550 but didn't mention it for the 450 and I made a wrong assumption.  Glad I checked.  I also got the French version at Garmin, must be a bad page.   Thanks for the info         lb


That doesn't sound right to me either. I believe you can show multiple tracks on the 60csx. But if you have the original 60, that may be different.

Indrid Cold

Quote from: Boyd on September 01, 2010, 06:15:42 PM
That doesn't sound right to me either. I believe you can show multiple tracks on the 60csx. But if you have the original 60, that may be different.
I thought so too, but I was basing that on the Vista HCx that has practically the same software.


Have the Oregon 300 & 400, Girlfriend just snagged a 550, and I still can't pass up this deal! Love the 450! My new Favorite :-)

BTW, I am using a Patriot Memory 8GB SDHC in my 450, and my GF using a 16GB Patriot SDHC in her 550, both work flawlessly! :-)
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I'm new to the site and new to GPS's.  Don't have one yet, but have been looking.  Couldn't resist this REI deal on the 450.  Just ordered today, but mine is backordered.  :(    Too slow I guess!   Looking forward to learning a lot from this forum.  I already have on just this one thread.  Thanks all!   :)

If I get the GPS before Sept. 15, will be taking it to Dolly Sods, WV for some backpacking.  Please come before Sept. 15, please come before Sept. 15 . . . 


Just curious....does anyone know what the internal memory of this unit is? will i be able to add some maps to it without a data card? or will i have to purchase a card? thanks