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Waypoint management-Oregon

Started by brianw7, October 05, 2010, 06:55:13 AM

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How are wayponits saved? When I hook my Oregon 450T up to my computer I don't see any file that would be specific to the waypoints that I have saved on the unit. When I transfer to mapsource I see the waypoints on the mapsource map, however, I don't see any corresponding GPX file for the waypoint. I also have no problem sending the waypoints from mapsource to the 400T. Where and how are these files stored? Thanks.


I have the 400t where they will all be found in Current.gpx, but Garmin has changed their waypoint management system on the 450 and other new models. This is evidently not compatible with Mapsource as the waypoints are scattered throughout different files based on when they were saved (this is what I gather from reading elsewhere).

You need to use Basecamp to work with waypoints on these new models, and it lets you update info "live" on the device as opposed to mapsource, which must be used to transfer the entire collection when making any changes. You mention both a 400t and 450t. Which do you have?

See the following on Garmin's forums. The 450t should be like the 62s:
Quote09-09-2010, 11:46 AM
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MapSource will receive the contents of current.gpx and that's it. Nothing more. If the unit uses more files (like the 62 and some other newer outdoor devices) then MapSource cannot receive them.

With the new file model you can sync your devices between BaseCamp and your device. That means you can edit, add and delete data on your device with BaseCamp. BaseCamp knows which file the data is coming from and can adjust the files as such.

Supporting this with MapSource is one of those things that we would love to do, but might never get around to.

The recommended application for outdoor devices is BaseCamp. Check out version 3.0.6 if you haven't given it a try recently.