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Started by amk, August 12, 2010, 03:17:58 PM

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The GPSmap 60Cx has 4 languages to choose from. I need something else. How can I set up a language which is not in the menu.

Indrid Cold

Do you mean that you would like to select a language that is not on that list?


Yes, I do need a language which is not in the list.


I do not remember anyone asking about this before.  Try asking Garmin's tech support and let us know for future reference.  My OR300 has 24 languages to choose from.


This model stores everything in protected memory that you cannot access directly, so it wouldn't be as easy as just adding a file yourself. All that comes to mind is that there must be different regional versions of the unit firmware, and you might be able to flash yours with a different one. If you go to, there's a dropdown menu at the top of the page in the middle that says "select your country".

Choose your country, then click on support > software > additional software (this is what you would do on the US site, not sure if it's the same for another country). See what's available for the 60cx. In the US it would be this:

Maybe you can find a foreign version with the language you need. If not, you might try contacting tech support on the foreign version of the website.

Indrid Cold

I don't think I've seen a Garmin hand held that only had 4 to pick from. Can you provide any other details like what 4 are available, what GPSmap 60Cx issue (such as European, Japaneses, US, ???) and what language you are looking for?

On my Vista HCx when I go to select a language, the first 4 are shown in the box but you scroll down to get more choices...