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GPS only takes one map

Started by oregonneil, August 11, 2010, 04:44:02 PM

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Hi, I'm a new guy here and have a question/problem.
I have a Garmin Etrex Vista Cx and have put a 4GB micro card in it. I am trying to put the following state TOPOs on it: Arizona, California and Washington (would like Oregon also). Here is my problem.
I put a state on the GPS, we'll say Arizona. It shows it's on the GPS. When I put Washington on, then Arizona is no longer there. In other words, the last state I put on the GPS is the only one that shows.
The one that was on there is gone.
What am I doing wrong?
With one state on it, there is still more than 3GB of memory left on the micro card.
The Marine Base Map is always there.



Your Vista will only take a single file named gmapsupp.IMG.

You can combine more than one map into that file.  To find out how view this tutorial.

Note that if you want to install maps from multiple map "products" (AZ, CA, WA) you will need to select each product in the drop down box at the top left of the MapSource screen and select maps with the map selection tool as described.  MapSource will then combine all the products you select into a single gmapsupp.IMG.


Thank you very much. I will give that a try.



Thanks again seldom, that worked just great.

Have a good day.