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Form or Location of loaded files

Started by cdagnese, August 05, 2010, 01:31:28 PM

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I've got a Nuvi 550 I'm trying to load three .exe files: two state maps and one topo overlay map.   I've tried using a current MapSource program, but the MapSource doesn't show the files in the drop down list.  Do I have to execute the files before loading into mapsource or put them in a particular file and location to get MapSource to recognize these three files?

Carl D.


What specific maps would be helpful.
However, most maps on the site are self installing .exe files.
You have to execute/run the .exe file - it will 'install' the mapset(s) into MapSource/BaseCamp.
Running the .exe file makes the proper entries in the registry so MapSource/BaseCamp can 'see' the mapset.  The install procedure will let you choose location or use the default.
Also see the tutorial: