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Map install error

Started by alo2007, July 30, 2010, 08:40:25 PM

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I am trying to load the North East part 3 map using basecamp onto my GPSmap 60CSx SD Card, the SD card is 8 gigs and all I have is about 1.25 gig being used for city navigator.

I can view the map on base camp but it wont allow me to load it to my sd card.

It says "there is a problem with this Garmin application"

I am using a PC with Windows XP.

I don't know how to solve this issue and really want this topo map as I will be going to the Shenandoah national park on Sunday, although I have a paper map, I also want to have my GPS.

Please help, thanks.  


Can not say about you problem with BaseCamp and that mapset.

Have you tried it MapSource?

If hydro is not too important, you could use my VA contour overlay mapset with CN.
Or: use my US Planimetric South Central with the VA contour mapset for better hydro but no routing.
Or: use Open Street Map (OSM) with routing and the VA contour mapset.


Try reading through Garmin's basecamp support forum. If you can't find anything applicable, start a thread. The developers participate and are very helpful. But they don't usually post during the weekends.

The newer versions require that you have Service Pack 3 installed for XP. Are you using the newest version of Basecamp? The older the version, the more bugs.

My other thought is that you are using a device that doesn't support SDHC cards. This would only allow you to access 2gb IIRC.


More thoughts.

BaseCamp displays NE pt3 so it is installed.  Try uninstalling and reinstalling NE pt3, it might have become corrupted in some manner.

1.25 of CN is on the card.  If loaded via BaseCamp, BaseCamp might not be the issue.
Or was CN loaded with an older version of BaseCamp that did not require XP SP3?

NE pt3 is slightly under 0.5Gb.  All of it and 1.25 of CN is less than 2Gb, so the 2Gb of max card usability should not currently be the issue.  

Might the combined number of segments/quads be over the 4000 (I saw a post saying 38??) limit be the issue?


The 60csx only support 2025 segments, but you are probably OK with that.

When I first got my Dell desktop system, I used an 8gb SDHC card in one of its internal slots. Aside from only showing 2gb available, I got all kinds of strange errors. So it's definitely worth checking to make sure your device is SDHC comptatible. If you have a 2gb card, you could try using that and see if it helps.